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Commericial Fleet Safety Program, Commecial Fleet Training, Driver Training Houston TX

Commercial Fleet Safety Program (DOT)


The objective of this program is to strive to reduce or eliminate motor vehicle accidents and associated injuries by following the safe practices established in this program. This program is integrated into your company’s written safety and health program and is a collaborative effort that includes all employees.

Compliance with this program is mandatory for all company commercial drivers. Violations of this program may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension of driving privileges or termination. Any deviations from this program must be immediately brought to the attention of the employee’s supervisor or the Program Administrator.


  • Program Responsibilities (Management, Program Admin, Driver Trainers, Commercial Drivers)

  • Commercial Drivers Qualification Criteria

  • Hiring Process

  • Driver Training

  • Maintaining Employment

  • CSA Program

  • Qualification Files

  • Vehicle Inspections

  • Vehicle Accident Reporting and Investigation Plan

  • Vehicle and Equipment Equipment Selection

  • Cargo Securement

  • Traffic and Road Reports

  • Law Enforcement Stops/Roadside Inspections/Weigh Stations

  • Hazardous Materials Operations

  • Periodic Program Review

  • Records Retention

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