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Confined Space

Confined Space

Working in a confined space is a unique and serious hazard. There is no halfway problem: Either there is or isn’t a problem. By one definition, a confined space is one that is large enough and arranged so that an employee can fully enter and work, has limited or restricted entry or exit, and is not primarily designed for human occupancy. 



The objective of this program is to protect personnel from injury upon entry into a confined space. Work will not begin in a confined space until the potential hazards have been identified, eliminated, or minimized, and proper classification of the space has been made. Employees will not enter a confined space until the requirements of this written program, have been implemented.


  • Program Responsibilities (Management, Program Admin/Qualified Person, Entry Leader, Entry Team)

  • Identification of Hazards and Evaluation of Confined Spaces

  • Permit-Required Confined Space Labeling and Security

  • Reclassifying Permit-required Spaces

  • Entry Permits

  • Entry Procedures

  • Isolation and Lockout/Tagout Safeguards

  • Extraction/Retrieval Protocol

  • Emergency Response, Evacuation and Rescue

  • Employee Training

  • Outside Contractors

  • Periodic Program Review


Confined spaces need not be dangerous places to work if the basic precautions are routinely followed. Remember that it is a rare circumstance that a single fatality occurs in a confined space; usually there are multiple fatalities.

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