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Exhibitor Rules

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Exhibitors will not be allowed to set up unless full payment has been received.


Location, Dates, & Hours: The exhibit location, dates, and hours will be as indicated in our Important Dates and Deadlines document. Costello Safety Consulting reserves the right to make changes to the event dates and/or hours; however, such changes will be made known as far in advance as possible.


Installation & Dismantling: Installation may begin at 7:00 am Saturday, March 25th, and should be completed no later than 9:30 am.


Use of Space: No Exhibitor will be allowed to set up unless Costello Safety Consulting has received payment in full. All demonstrations or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit booth. The Exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any space allotted without the written consent of Costello Safety Consulting. In addition, sharing of exhibit space by two or more companies or firms is prohibited. It is also prohibited for Exhibitors to swap booths once event materials have been printed. Audio amplification is prohibited.


Marketing: Distribution of circulars or promotional material may be made only within the booth or display area assigned to the exhibitor.


Restrictions in Operation of Exhibits: Costello Safety Consulting reserves the right to restrict exhibits because of noise, method of operation, materials, or for any other reason, and to prohibit or even evict any exhibit that in the opinion of Costello Safety Consulting may detract from the general character of the 1st Annual Community Safety Day as a whole. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed material, or anything of a character that Costello Safety Consulting determines is objectionable to the event. In the event of such restriction or eviction, Costello Safety Consulting is not liable for any refunds, rentals, or other exhibit expenses.


Care of Building & Equipment: Exhibitors, or their guests, shall not injure or deface the property, building, the booths, or the equipment of the booths or display areas. Any damage in connection therewith will be at the expense of the Exhibitor.


Maintenance of Exhibits: All exhibits must be adequately staffed during event hours. Exhibit booths may not be dismantled nor, may any packing be done prior to the final closing time of the event, at 2:00 pm on Saturday, March 25th, 2023.

Rule Changes: Costello Safety Consulting reserves the right to modify or supplement these rules as it deems appropriate to the operation of the event, and the Exhibitor agrees to be bound by them. Violations of any of these terms or regulations on the part of the Exhibitor, its employees or agents shall, at the option of Costello Safety Consulting, constitute cause to terminate this agreement and expel Exhibitor from the event.


Storage: Storage space is not available.


Liability & Insurance: Costello Safety Consulting or any other officers or staff members do not maintain insurance on behalf of Exhibitors and will not be responsible for the safety of their property, including but not limited to, claims from theft, damage by flood, fire, loss, or accident. It is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by the event.


Indemnification: The Exhibitor waives his or her right to do so, make a claim or demand against Costello Safety Consulting, or any of their employees, representatives, or agents, for any injury including injury resulting in death, loss of or damage to property suffered or sustained by the Exhibitor or their employees, representatives, agents, or invitees.

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