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Vital Elements of a Fleet Safety Program

Company trucks driving fleet safety
Fleet Safety

An effective fleet safety program must be comprehensive, up-to-date and implemented as part of your company’s safety culture.

- Identify All of Your Drivers - Businesses may not be aware of the full extent of their non-owned vehicle exposure. You should identify everyone who drives on behalf of the business, even those employees that use personal and/or rented vehicles.

- Management Commitment - Leadership support of the program can help assure that the program is used.

- Screen and Select Drivers Carefully - This can help create a reliable, safe team. Establish clear hiring standards for anyone who drives on company related business.

- Train Drivers - This ensures all drivers understand vehicle safety policies and procedures. All drivers should have access to information on safe driving strategies and techniques, including instruction in defensive driving.

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- Manage Drivers on an Ongoing Basis - This is essential to ensure that drivers are following fleet safety rules and driving safely.

- Managing Accidents - This can mitigate accident costs. It also helps you to understand your exposures and can reduce the potential for future losses.

- Establishing Written Policies and Procedures - Provides clear consistent expectations.

- Formulate a Plan for Vehicle Inspection, Repair and Maintenance - This can help reduce costly, unexpected breakdowns, and can assist in avoiding accidents due to faulty equipment.

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