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  • Addressing the evolving regulatory requirements of the workplace

  • Adapting to new delivery modes and instructional formats

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Accident Investigation Training Houston TX, Safety companies houston tx


Accidents are unplanned and unexpected events that cause injury, property damage, and/or financial loss in the workplace. Incidents or “near misses” don’t result in loss, but have the potential to do so. 

Confined-Space-Safety-Program, Confined Space training, confined space training houston tx, osha trainings, osha tranings houston tx, osha training houston texas


Work will not begin in a confined space until the potential hazards have been identified, eliminated, or minimized, and proper classification of the space has been made.

Elevated-Fall-Training, elevated fall training, elevated fall training houston texas, elevated fall houston tx, osha trainings, osha training elevated fall


Workers performing tasks 6 feet or more above lower levels are at risk of fatal falls or serious injuries. This program will help you plan how to prevent injuries and fatalities from falls among your crew, and provide training to your workers.

Fleet-Safety-Program, fleet safety program, fleet safety training houston tx, fleet safety houston texas, osha fleet safety, osha trainings fleet safety


The objective of this program is to strive to reduce or eliminate motor vehicle accidents and associated injuries by following the safe practices established in this program.

Hazard Communication Program, hazcomm program, hazcomm houston texas, hazard communication osha training, osha hazcomm


To make sure that all affected employees understand the information concerning the dangers of all known hazardous chemicals used by the company and to protect company employees who may come in contact with hazardous chemicals while performing their job duties

Hot-Work-Program, hot work program, hot work program houston tx, hot work training houston tx, hot work training houston texas, osha hot work, osha hot work training


Hearing Conservation Program is designed to protect employees from hearing loss caused by uncontrolled exposure to hazardous noise by reducing employee noise exposures and providing appropriate hearing protection where this noise cannot be controlled.

Lockout Tagout Program, lockout tagout training houston tx, osha lockout tagout, osha lockout tagout training osha training lockout taogout houston tx


The objective of this program is to protect personnel from injury when lockout of energy is required to ensure the safety of those working in or near danger zones. Work will not begin until all forms of hazardous energy are identified and controlled to a zero hazardous energy level.

Respiratory Protection Program, respiratory protection training, osha respiratory protection, osha respiratory protection program


If your organization has employees who wear respirators to protect themselves from chemicals, dust, or fumes of any kind, or if your company works with these materials and employee exposures exceed safety or regulatory limits, you need this program. Respirators should only be used w