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Safety Consulting Services

Houston, TX

Contractor Safety Management Services

Contractor Safety Management Services

Contractor Selection and Contract Safety Specifications

“Licensed, Bonded and Insured” doesn’t cut it anymore! Gone are the days when contractors got work because their ads had those 3 Little Words. Astute users of construction, market-savvy Design, and Engineering firms, contractors, and construction managers…all know the high stakes in safety.

3rd Party Audits

Costello Safety Consulting, LLC. provides on-site safety inspections to help our customers reduce their injury rates by identifying workplace hazards. Our consultants are experienced and highly proficient in the oil and gas industry, electrical utility, construction industry, manufacturing industry, and mining industry.


After a detailed on-site inspection of your project, we will provide you with a written report of our findings. The details within the report will aid you and your staff in reducing workplace accidents, meeting OSHA and DOT compliance, avoiding expensive citations, and lowering the risk of employee exposures.

Construction users who institute and enforce sound project safety objectives want to know whether they’re "getting their money’s worth” once the work proceeds. With over 10 years of combined construction safety experience, Costello Safety Consulting, LLC. has had the privilege of evaluating some of our Nation’s largest construction projects.

Construction Safety Program Development

“Sure, we’ve got a safety program…its three inches thick!” Is your Safety Program really an everyday part of doing business or just a 3-ring binder gathering dust on a shelf? Building a workable program involves:

  • Input from every level of your organization

  • Providing easily understood implementation on a day-to-day basis

  • Conducting periodic, honest evaluation.

"Build a program your customers want, and your people can live by."

Project Safety Planning (for Construction Users)

Pre-Construction planning rewards users with fewer injuries and lower project costs. It saves business reputations, too. Do you need to come to grips with terms like?

  • “Site-specific safety plan”

  • "Pre-job safety survey”

  • "Job hazard analysis”

  • "Project safety specifications”?

Responsible owners, design professionals and contractors lock these elements in before construction work is allowed to proceed.

This guarantees that your employees get the training you and the government agree they need. On your schedule and within your budget.

Trusted Safety Manager Program

Costello Safety Consulting can function as your Safety Manager. We can develop your Safety Program and stay as long as you need us, or we can assist you until a full-time safety employee is on the job. This program is called the Safety Manager Program and is itemized below. Long-term affordable service options are available. We offer a cost-effective alternative in Safety Consultation Services. All listed services are included in an hourly rate fee.

  • Comprehensive Safety Management Services

  • Not-To-Exceed Flat-Rate Fee

  • Prioritized Services Based on Your Needs

  • Up To 16 Hours of On-Site Service Per Month

  • Up To 10 Additional Hours at Our Office

  • 24 Hour Emergency Consultation

  • 24 Hour On-Site Emergency Response

  • Management Advice Concerning Training

  • Training Services for All Personnel

  • Auditing Services for All Facilities

  • Conduct and Document Job Hazard Analysis

  • Conduct Confined Space, Lock-Out Assessments Etc.

  • Comprehensive Written Program Development

  • Computerized Forms and Sample Procedures

  • Access To OSHA, EPA, & DOT Regulations on CD-ROM

  • Monthly Walk-Through, And Issue Tracking

  • Monthly Activity Reports and Status Updates

  • Monthly Safety Meeting Development

  • Safety Committee Development

  • Conduct Accident Investigations

  • Technical Evaluations (Noise, Respiratory, Etc.)

  • Advisor to The Company Health Nurse Or Physician

  • Chemical Inventories for The HAZCOM Program

  • Assistance in OSHA Recordkeeping Activities

  • Assist Management During OSHA Visits/Hearings

  • Conduct Cost Analysis for Safety Budgets

  • Develop/Maintain A Safety Information Program

Trusted Safety Advisor Program

Costello Safety Consulting can function as your Trusted Safety Advisor. If you have safety questions, need examples of how to accomplish certain safety functions, or simply want to retain us for monthly meetings or a safety walk-through, we’re there for you! All listed services are included in the flat-rate fee.

  • Not-To-Exceed Flat-Rate Fees

  • Your Friend in The Safety Business

  • Comprehensive Safety Advisory Services

  • 24 Hour Over-The-Phone Consultation

  • 24 Hour On-Site Response (Nominal Fee Charged)

  • Up To 4 Hours On-Site Service Per Month

  • Regulatory Assistance/Clarification

  • Resource for Up-To-Date Safety Information

  • Safety Product Information and Advice

  • Monthly Safety Walk-Through

  • Reporting and Discrepancy Tracking

  • Monthly Activity Reports and Status Updates

  • Monthly Safety Meeting Development

  • Safety Committee Development Assistance

Are you ready to schedule your next training class?

**If your company needs training on a topic that is not listed above, please contact us.   ​​​​

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