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Safety Consulting & Training Service

Houston, TX

Your Trusted Partner For Complete Safety Solutions

Established in 2012, Costello Safety Consulting, LLC. is a small full-service Occupational Health and Safety consulting company based out of Houston, TX.  We have helped contractors and businesses throughout the U.S. manage their safety issues through the development of in-house training, safety compliance programs, and risk-based safety assessments. We offer a wide range of training courses and programs for construction, oil & gas, and the general industry.


Costello Safety Consulting, LLC.  always takes great pride in custom-tailoring our programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our ever-increasing client base. 


Our Services include, but are not limited to:



“Safety is an investment, not an expense”. Your organization’s view on safety should be seen like any other function in the organization. If there was a department in your company that added nothing to the bottom line, and was pure expense, what would you do? You’d eliminate that function of course. Unfortunately, some managers and employees feel that way about safety and as a result, they don’t invest in it. Then the accidents and injury-related costs start adding up. Smart owners and managers expect to see a return on every penny, and your investment in safety and safety consulting is no different.


How are we different? 


It's our experience that the most effective workplace health and safety programs go beyond your basic checklists and compliance. In order for these programs to be truly successful, they must have a clear, measurable path toward long-term profitability and productivity. This is where we shine.


Costello Safety Consulting, LLC. serves as your dedicated partner in discovering the unique health and safety needs of your workplace. We partner with you to implement and manage complete and effective safety programs that protect your employees and your business.


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Benefits of an Effective Health & Safety Program

  • Protects the company’s most valuable asset, its employees.

  • Reduces insurance costs, thereby making the company more competitive.

  • Makes the employees feel more confident and secure, improving quality and productivity.

  • Reduces unnecessary legal and financial burdens, improving the company image among potential and current customers.

  • Eliminates unexpected interruptions in the work process, allowing for more accurate scheduling.

  • Reduces worker compensation claims, increasing the companies overall budget. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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