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Safety Consulting Services

Houston, TX

Safety Assessment & Audit, Houston, Texas

Safety Assessment and Audits

Auditing Services

Two Technicians Working On Machine

Safety and Health Program Audits

  • Review Company Policy

  • Review Previous Audits

  • Evaluate Existing Program Status

  • Recommend Improvements

Facility and Departmental Audits

  • Conduct On-Site Evaluations

  • Conduct High Employee Hazard Area Assessments

  • Assist in Prioritization of Compliance Issues

  • Assist in Implementation of Controls

  • Conduct Chemical Inventories for HAZCOM Programs

  • Develop Accident/Injury Statistics to Pinpoint Causation

  • Determine Written Program Requirements

  • Review the Status of OSHA Recordkeeping

  • Develop Detailed Reports and Tracking Tools

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