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Safety Consulting Services

Houston, TX

Incident Investigations

Incident Investigations

Costello Safety Consulting LLC. can assist you with the investigation of your safety, reliability, quality, production, or environmental losses with proven, structured analysis techniques. We ensure that you get beyond the immediate causes of the event (the causal factors) and identify the root causes of the event(s). This allows effective recommendations to be identified that are targeted at preventing recurrence. We will work with you to develop a report that will withstand the scrutiny of regulators, internal reviews, the public, and the media. Our techniques apply to both acute (one-time) and chronic (repeated) events

We use a set of widely accepted and proven techniques (causal factor charting, fault tree analysis and change analysis) to gather and analyze information to identify the causal factors that contributed to the event. Then we determine the root causes by using the TapRoot Analysis process. Once the causal factors and root causes are identified, development of recommendations is generally a straightforward process.

Accident Investigation Services

  • General Industry

  • Construction

  • Machinery, Equipment, and Tools

  • Excavation and Trenching Incidents

Objectives of an Investigation

  • Understanding what caused the incident

  • Preventing an incident from happening again

  • Preventing similar incidents from happening at all

  • Satisfying stockholders such as regulators, the public, and internal reviewers

Conducting an investigation under adverse conditions is always a difficult task. We can ease this burden by providing assistance with leading and organizing the investigation.

We will help you:

  1. Gather and organize the needed data

  2. Analyze the data to determine causal factors

  3. Identify root causes of the event

  4. Develop effective recommendations

  5. Write required reports

Once deficiencies are addressed, employees and equipment are set up to succeed. Our analysis methods are designed to help you systematically seek out these management system weaknesses.


Why Choose Us?

  1. Our investigators have performed hundreds of investigations.

  2. We are recognized throughout the industry as leaders in this field.

  3. Our investigation process requires no licensing fees or other such costs. We use commonly available and well-known analytical tools that we have customized to be more effective and efficient.

  4. We have a hotline staffed 24 hours a day to ensure that you have immediate, DIRECT access to a lead investigator day or night.

  5. Our investigators are also our instructors. We can train your employees to perform incident investigations and coach them in person or by phone or email once they begin to use their skills. We offer several public courses each year, but many of our clients bring us onsite to train their employees using their site-specific procedures and scenarios.

  6. Our clients are so satisfied with our training that they use us to investigate their incidents and perform real-time coaching of their previously trained employees during the actual investigation.

Are you ready to schedule your next training class?

**If your company needs training on a topic that is not listed above, please contact us.   ​​​​

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