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Safety Consulting Services

Houston, TX

Custom Health Safety Written Programs

Custom Health & Safety Written Programs

Often an employer's and contractor’s day-to-day policies and procedures are separate from their written environmental health and safety programs. Since what is done daily by employees has the greatest impact on losses, a review of these basic “means and methods” and specific procedures is needed. Formal links or actual changes to the Health and Safety programs may be needed so the two operational functions work in unison, in an efficient, ever-improving fashion.

Policies and procedures need to be defined in writing with accountability and responsibility for their maintenance assigned, just as with the Health and Safety program to a specific person or group of people. This ensures that what is supposed to go on is documented and that it can be evaluated. Audits can be completed to verify this, and any changes can then be efficiently integrated into the operational aspect of the organization.

When a structure exists to effectively manage the needed changes in how safety gets done the expected results have a much greater chance of occurring and furthering your success.

We will review your company's existing Health & Safety programs to ensure they meet the current regulations. If you need a Health & Safety program, we can develop a customized safety program to meet your needs. Whether it’s an entire company Health & Safety program or a job specific Fall Protection Plan, Confined Space Entry Plan or Globally Harmonized System Program, we can take care of your needs.

Depending upon your needs, the scope of our policies and procedures review can vary significantly. Your own needs and capabilities will establish what service level is warranted, from full scale Safety Task or Hazard Analysis, to a simple review of basic Health and Safety Policies. As with all Costello Safety Consulting services we are committed to helping you establish an occupational health and safety program where you are in control and you can define your own path to safety and business success.

Written Program Development Services

Costello Safety Consulting can write programs for a variety of safety topics. We can individually quote written programs or develop an entire Written Safety Program for an hourly rate fee.

  • Tailored Procedures Approved by You

  • Developed with Input from Your Key Personnel

  • Saved on Disk in Your Word Processing Format

  • Follow-Up Meetings to Ensure Comprehension

  • Checklist Development Options Available

  •  Over 60 Time Saving Safety Forms Available

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**If your company needs training on a topic that is not listed above, please contact us.   ​​​​

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