Pediatric CPR and First Aid

The goal of this training is to help students developed the skills, knowledge, and confidence to respond to a medical emergency. Medical Emergencies involving children can happen at any time and anywhere. When sudden illness or injuries occur, a trained pediatric first aid provider can protect or save lives prior to the arrival of emergency medical services personnel. 

Who should take this course?

Designed to meet national standards for pediatric first aid, CPR, and AED training. HSI's Medic Pediatric CPR and First Aid Training is designed for anyone who works in ECE or anyone who is involved in caring for young children. This includes Childcare workers, Counselors, Teachers, Sports Coaches, etc. 

Cost of course-$65.00

Pediatric Plus

Pediatric Plus

What does this course teach?
  • First aid basics including medical, injury, poison, and environmental emergencies, preventing illnesses and injuries, and controlling bleeding & bandaging.

  • using a tourniquet, shock, internal bleeding, burns, and electrical injuries, allergic reactions, breathing problems & dehydration. 

  • Diabetes & low blood sugar, heat and cold-related emergencies, drowning, amputations, bites, and stings, broken bones, and sprains.

  • Also covers splinters, nose bleeds, fainting, seizures, and injuries to the head, eyes, neck, spine, mouth, and teeth



  • At your own pace

  • Includes interactive videos and exercises

  • Access to courses from virtually anywhere

  • Certificate of completion once online course if completed

  • Customized learning experience

  • Hands-on assessment upon completion 

Classroom Training

  • Instructor led 

  • Reinforces skills proficiency 

  • Great for learners who prefer group learning

  • Ideal for students who need feedback from an instructor

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