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Safety Consulting Services

Houston, TX

Safety Consultation Houston Texas

Safety Consultation

Based out of Houston, Texas, Costello Safety Consulting offers numerous services to help make safety simple for your company and organization. Workplace hazards can affect not only individual workers’ safety, but delay schedules, decrease profit margins and even damage your company’s reputation.

  • Gives excellent and tailored-fit safety consulting services to effectively assist each client with your safety, quality, productivity, and company objectives

  • Our consulting services are intended to assists you avoid damage and spending a lot of money resolve issues and compliance.

  • Our goal is to provide you with full-packaged tools and programs to keep the safety of your assets - your employees, to keep up with a solid safety record, and prevent large fines due to OSHA violations.


Costello Safety Consulting can assist you in decreasing your overall risk and potential liability. We provide services in Houston, Texas, and across the US.

Here are the fields, Costello Safety Consulting is expert and we can help you with:

  • Safety Assessment and Audits 

  • Safety Compliance Inspections

  • Training Services

  • Technical Services

  • Custom Health and Safety Written Programs

  • Trusted Safety Manager Program

  • Trusted Safety Advisor Program

Are you ready to schedule your next training class?

**If your company needs training on a topic that is not listed above, please contact us.   ​​​​

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