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Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift/Boom Truck Fatalities

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

If using aerial lifts, scissor lifts, or boom trucks are vital to your line of work, its crucial that you are given the proper training. With construction increasing by 5% in this upcoming physical year, it is important when onboarding new contractors or employees that they are given the proper training in the heavy machinery that they will be utilizing while on a job site. Though no one wants a near miss, injury, or fatality sometimes accidents do occur. Scissor lifts and aerial lifts are referred to as MEWPs which means Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, scissor lifts are an excellent alternative to ladders and manually propelled scaffolds. When used improperly you increase your chances of near misses, injuries, or even fatalities. According to OSHA aerial lifts, scissor lifts and boom truck fatalities have been steadily climbing.

As of 2011 total fatalities from general industry to construction has increased from two per year to 6 in 2020. Highest reports of these fatalities are due to falls, next cause is due to electrical errors and last is due to being caught between the lift and another item. Many of these incidents could be results to lack of proper training or not verifying proper training.

When utilizing these heavy pieces of machinery, it is highly important to ensure guard rails, safety chains, and gates are closed and locked for proper fall protection when operating a lift. Always look for overhead power lines and electricity lines before and during lift operation. Danger signs should be posted, and only use lifts that you are trained and authorized to use. Survey the area to identify and avoid potential curbs, potholes, excavations, or floor-holes, never use on uneven surfaces. Never alter or disable warning devices or limit switches, and many scissor lifts are equipped with controls that can be used from the ground so you can maneuver the lift through tight areas safely. By remembering these safety guidelines, it can help ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. Costello Safety wants to help by ensuring a safe work culture that is dedicated to safety by providing verified quality training on all equipment from user safety to general knowledge. For more information regarding our safety courses or general information please click here.

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